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Keoladeo Bird Sancturary

Geetanjali Hotel

About Keoladeo Bird Sancturary

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The geographical location is good because it is on the most North – South craniate route of Asian country. though tiny in size, 29 sq. km. only, it boasts of housing over 375 species of lovely birds. over 132 of them breed within the parkland and nearly per annum new ones square measure intercalary to the list. The sanctuary not solely attracts birds from Asian country however additionally from places like Europe, Siberia, China and Xizang.

Before the monsoon many these exotic birds roost and nest-building activities begin on the babool and kadam trees of the park. Water coming back through the Ajan Bandh starts filling the assorted ponds and lakes of the Park.

When assured of enough food, many giant, medium and tiny cormorants, darters, purple and gray Geetanjali Hotel / budget hotel in bharatpur / best hotel in bharatpur / Hotels in Bharatpurherons, numerous species of heron, painted, open-billed, white low-necked and black low-necked storks, white ibis, spoonbills, night herons and alternative birds get busy in entreaty and conjugation. The trees square measure full with nests; one will observe a tree housing upto fifty or sixty nests, happiness to totally different species of birds taking care of their young. Gracious Saras cranes, the tallest flying birds nest in exposed and open areas, each partners share the duty of incubating the eggs. They perform lovely displays – coming back along they raise their neck and create shrill trumpetic calls in unison and at an equivalent time fan their feathers. The recently born chicks square measure solely ten cm. in size however grow upto one meter tall inside a year.

As the monsoons arrive birds from each a part of the country begin gushing into the park. Migratory water-fowl, as well as the pride of Keoladeo, Siberian Cranes, kind the indispensable a part of Park. The water-fowl visit the park in thousands throughout the month of Gregorian calendar month. the foremost noticeable water-fowl coming back to the park square measure barheaded and greyley geese.
Geetanjali Hotel / budget hotel in bharatpur / best hotel in bharatpur / Hotels in BharatpurDucks embody ruddy sheldrake, redcrested Aythya ferina, spot-billed duck, comb duck, teal etc. Predatory birds like imperial eagle, champaign and bird of Jove, noticed eagle, harrier and laggar falcon square measure attracted towards the park finishing the craniate organic phenomenon of the system. a number of them, like harrier eagle, lesser noticed eagle and shikra square measure the residents of Park.

About eleven sq. km. space of the park is roofed with water, however there square measure braky areas and in depth parcel of land in winter. alternative species embody coraciiform bird, Red ventilated and white cheeked Bulbuls, Babblers, Quails, Partridges, Sunbirds, Sparrows and Parakeets, that sleep in bushes and burrows. The superb diversity of birds attracts ornithologists from everywhere the globe.

Several species of mammals can even be seen. These embody the Black Buck, Sambhar, noticed ruminant, and Nilgais (the Blue Bulls) – the most important Indian bovid. Pythons can even be ascertained at some places lazying within the sun.

Vehicles square measure solely allowable upto Shanti Kutir within the park. The Electra Van of the forest department are often engaged within the sanctuary, though the most effective thanks to explore the park is on foot or bicycles that square measure accessible on rent. Cycle rickshaws can even be employed, beside various guides WHO have glorious bird identification and observation skills.

Park particulars:

The Park is open all year from dawn to twilight. In winter the cycle-rickshaws get out of the Park by half dozen pm. Entrance and camera fees (both nominal) square measure paid at the gate and checked within at the barrier. Cycle-rickshaw guides charge agency 50/hour. Freelance naturalist Guides also are accessible @ agency 100/ hour. you may would like naturalist Guides just in case you would like to explore areas outside the overwhelmed track. Bicycles are not any longer allowed within the Park (Feb 2009). Bharatpur incorporates a network of tracks and plenty of line the water-bodies. they’re best explored on foot.

Strategy: 4-5 days square measure counseled if you’re new Keoladeo. Use a Cycle-rickshaw guide for a handful of days to induce your bearings. Explore on foot thenceforth